Welcome to COMPULIFE!

Compulife is activated in the area of the technology products ,specialized in trading smartphones, accessories ,hard disks,   original and compatible supplies for all brands of printing systems

Compulife is in the area of technology since 2004 actually  and always is trying to develop new areas of business

The company's excellent knowledge of the market and ability to react flexibly to new trends makes it possible for us to combine high quality products with low-priced deals. With the range of products we offer, our focus is strictly on the customer's desires.

The company supports operations through an extensive sales network throughout Europe mainly.
Since its beginnings in 2004, Compulife has connected its name with values like professionalism , reliability, consistency, respect for its clients.
Today Compulife IKE remains at the forefront of the marketplace ,bringing the latest products to market and finding ways to bring value to its customers.




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